zarafa-z-push - ActiveSync over-the-air implementation for Zarafa

License: AGPLv3 with exceptions
Vendor: ClearFoundation <>
Z-Push is an implementation of the ActiveSync protocol which is used
'over-the-air' for multi platform ActiveSync devices, including Windows
Mobile, Android, iPhone, Sony Ericsson and Nokia mobile devices. With
Z-Push any groupware can be connected and synced with these devices.

This package is prepared for use with the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
and Open Source Collaboration. For non-Zarafa use cases, please use the
regular Z-Push package.


zarafa-z-push-2.2.12-2.v6.noarch [423 KiB] Changelog by ClearFoundation (2016-08-18):
- Update to 2.2.12

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