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Copy&paste GUI clipboard from text terminal
xclip-1.11.tar, 2022-Jan-18, 20.0 KiB
Leo Liu <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET xclip RET

Full description

This package allows Emacs to copy to and paste from the GUI clipboard
when running in text terminal.

It can use external command-line tools for that, which you may need
to install in order for the package to work.
More specifically, it can use the following tools:
- Under X11: `xclip' or `xsel' ( and respectively).
- MacOS: `pbpaste/pbcopy'
- Cygwin: `getclip/putclip'
- Under Wayland: `wl-clipboard' (
- Termux: `termux-clipboard-get/set'
- Emacs: It can also use Emacs's built-in GUI support to talk to the GUI.
  This requires an Emacs built with GUI support.
  It uses `make-frame-on-display' which has been tested to work under X11,
  but it's not known whether it works under MacOS or Windows.

To use, just add (xclip-mode 1) to your ~/.emacs or do `M-x clip-mode'
after which the usual kill/yank commands will use the GUI selections
according to `select-enable-clipboard/primary'.

An alternative package for use under X11 is
[Gpastel](, which uses
[GPaste]( rather than Xclip and hooks
into Emacs in a different way.  AFAICT it currently only supports
copy/pasting from an external application to Emacs and not from Emacs to
another application (for which it relies on the default code).

Old versions

xclip-1.10.el.lz2020-Feb-135.27 KiB
xclip-1.9.el.lz2019-Jul-024.99 KiB
xclip-1.8.el.lz2019-Mar-114.62 KiB
xclip-1.7.el.lz2018-Dec-124.58 KiB
xclip-1.6.el.lz2018-Dec-114.18 KiB
xclip-1.5.el.lz2018-Nov-193.89 KiB
xclip-1.4.el.lz2017-Nov-093.14 KiB
xclip-1.3.el.lz2013-Sep-072.08 KiB
xclip-1.2.el.lz2013-Sep-062.07 KiB
xclip-1.1.el.lz2013-Sep-051.87 KiB
xclip-1.0.el.lz2012-Nov-291.69 KiB