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temp buffer browse mode
temp-buffer-browse-1.5.el, 2016-Aug-04, 8.05 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET temp-buffer-browse RET

Full description

 Temp Buffer Browse Mode
Allow keys ``SPC``, ``DEL`` and ``RET`` immediately following a temp
buffer popup to scroll up, scroll down and close the temp buffer
window, respectively.

This package is part of `GNU ELPA <>`_
(``M-x list-packages``).

Patches, feature requests and bug reports are welcome. Thanks.

To use


   (require 'temp-buffer-browse)
   (temp-buffer-browse-mode 1)

Old versions

temp-buffer-browse-1.4.el2014-Dec-207.35 KiB
temp-buffer-browse-1.3.el2014-Oct-167.15 KiB
temp-buffer-browse-1.2.el2014-Feb-236.98 KiB
temp-buffer-browse-1.1.el2013-Nov-037.04 KiB
temp-buffer-browse-1.0.el2013-Aug-185.91 KiB