GNU ELPA - other-frame-window


Minor mode to enable global prefix keys for other frame/window buffer placement
other-frame-window-1.0.6.el, 2018-Aug-28, 20.7 KiB
Stephen Leake <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET other-frame-window RET

Full description

other-frame-window provides prefix key sequences to control where a
new buffer is created by a subsequent command. With no prefix, the
buffer is created where the command decides (nominally the currently
selected window). Prefix C-x 7 causes the buffer to appear in
another window in the same frame; a window is created if necessary.
Prefix C-x 9 causes the buffer to appear in another frame; a frame
is created if necessary.

Some commands display new buffers in other than the currently
selected window, which defeats the purpose of ‘other-frame-window’ in
the absense of a prefix. To override that, customize
‘display-buffer-alist’ for those commands. For example, to override

 (cons "\\*gud"
	 (cons 'display-buffer-same-window nil)))

Other key bindings provided by other-frame-window:

C-x W moves the current buffer to another window in the same frame.

C-x F moves the current buffer to another frame.

In addition, C-x 7 and C-x 9 can be followed by these keys:

0 - deletes the current window.

1 - deletes the other windows/frames.

2 - shows another view of the current buffer in a new

a - creates a commit log entry for the current defun in
    another window/frame.

b - switches to another buffer in another window/frame.

d - start dired in another window/frame.

f - find-file in another window/frame.

m - compose mail in another window/frame.

o - select another window/frame.

r - find-file-read-only in another window/frame.

To extend this list, add key bindings to ‘ofw-transient-map’.

Old versions

other-frame-window-1.0.5.el2018-Jul-3020.1 KiB
other-frame-window-1.0.4.el2017-Jul-0919.1 KiB
other-frame-window-1.0.3.el2017-May-1318.0 KiB
other-frame-window-1.0.2.el2015-Nov-1515.6 KiB
other-frame-window-1.0.1.el2015-Aug-1714.6 KiB
other-frame-window-1.0.0.el2015-Aug-1514.4 KiB