GNU ELPA - nadvice


Forward compatibility for Emacs-24.4's nadvice
nadvice-0.3.el, 2018-Sep-16, 4.16 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET nadvice RET

Full description

This package tries to re-implement some of nadvice.el's functionality
on top of the old defadvice system, to help users of defadvice
move to the new advice system without dropping support for Emacs<24.4.

- only supports `advice-add', `advice-remove', and `advice-member-p'.
- only handles the :before, :after, :override, and :around kinds of advice;
- requires a named rather than anonymous function;
- and does not support any additional properties like `name' or `depth'.

It was tested on Emacs-22 and I can't see any obvious reason why it
wouldn't work on older Emacsen.

Old versions

nadvice-0.2.el2018-Sep-133.74 KiB
nadvice-0.1.el2018-Sep-123.35 KiB