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Minesweeper game
mines-1.6.tar, 2018-Jan-26, 90.0 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET mines RET

Full description

This is an elisp implementation of the classical minesweeper game.
The target is localize all hidden mines (bombs) in a rectangular board
without detonating them.  You reveal the content of a cell with the
command `mines-dig'.

1. Cells with a bomb contain the character 'x'; if you call `mines-dig'
   in these cells then you lost the game.

2. Cells without bomb at distance 1 from any cell with a mine
   contain a number: the number of bombs at distance 1 from this cell.
   If you reveal the content of this cell, then this number is shown.

3. Cells without a bomb at distance > 1 from any bomb contain ' '.
   If you reveal the content of this cell, then ' ' is shown and
   all adjacent cells are recursively revealed.

If you think that an uncovered cell has a mine, you might flag it
with `mines-flag-cell'; if you call this command again in the same
cell the cell is unflagged.  This is useful to visualize your
progress in the game.

The game is completed once all mine-free cells are revealed, that is,
when the only uncovered cells equals the number of hidden mines.

Old versions

mines-1.5.tar2018-Jan-1490.0 KiB
mines-1.2.tar2017-Nov-1280.0 KiB
mines-1.1.tar2017-Nov-1180.0 KiB
mines-1.0.tar2017-Nov-0780.0 KiB