GNU ELPA - ftable


Fill a table to fit in n columns
ftable-1.0.tar, 2021-Aug-03, 400 KiB
Yuan Fu <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET ftable RET

Full description

#+TITLE: ftable.el

This package provides some convenient commands for filling a table, i.e., adjusting the layout of the table so it can fit in n columns.


Commands provided:

- ftable-fill :: Fill the table at point
- ftable-reformat :: Change the style of the table. For example, from
                    ASCII +--+--+ to Unicode ┌──┬──┐
                          |  |  |            │  │  │
                          +--+--+            └──┴──┘

- ftable-edit-cell :: Edit the cell at point

There are some limitations. Currently ftable doesn’t support tables with compound cells (cells that span multiple rows/columns) because they are more complicated to handle. If the need arises in the future (unlikely), I might improve ftable to handle more complex tables. Also, after filling, any manual line-break in a cell is discarded.

* Customization

- ftable-fill-column :: ~fill-column~ for ftable.