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cpupower command interface
cpupower-1.0.5.tar, 2022-May-14, 20.0 KiB
Stephen Meister <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET cpupower RET

Full description

If you have cpupower installed, this provides a very simple wrapper
to that program.  You'll need to configure your system such that
the current user can run cpupower (maybe as `sudo cpupower` from a
command line).  You can configure how cpupower is called by
customizing cpupower-cmd.

The commands you'll probably want to use:
* cpupower-info
  - displays (briefly) the current cpupower information
* cpupower-set-governor
  - sets cpu governor for all cores.
* cpupower-helm-set-governor
  - sets cpu governor for all cores (uses helm)

Less useful commands:
* cpupower-get-current-frequencies
  - returns a list of all cpu frequencies in KHz by core.
* cpupower-get-current-governors
  - returns a list of all cpu governors by core.

Old versions

cpupower-1.0.4.tar.lz2022-May-063.80 KiB