GNU ELPA Packages

ace-window0.10.0Quickly switch windows.
ack1.10interface to ack-like tools
ada-mode7.2.1major-mode for editing Ada sources
ada-ref-man2020.1Ada Reference Manual 2012
adaptive-wrap0.8Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix
adjust-parens3.1Indent and dedent Lisp code, automatically adjust close parens
advice-patch0.1Use patches to advise the inside of functions
aggressive-completion1.7Automatic minibuffer completion
aggressive-indent1.10.0Minor mode to aggressively keep your code always indented
ahungry-theme1.10.0Ahungry color theme for Emacs. Make sure to (load-theme 'ahungry).
aircon-theme0.0.5Cool and legible light theme
all1.0Edit all lines matching a given regexp
ampc0.2Asynchronous Music Player Controller
arbitools0.977Package for chess tournaments administration
ascii-art-to-unicode1.13a small artist adjunct
async1.9.6Asynchronous processing in Emacs
auctex13.1.3Integrated environment for *TeX*
aumix-mode7run the aumix program in a buffer
auto-correct1.1.4Remembers and automatically fixes past corrections
auto-overlays0.10.10Automatic regexp-delimited overlays
avy0.5.0Jump to arbitrary positions in visible text and select text quickly.
bbdb3.2.2.2Big Brother DataBase
beacon1.3.4Highlight the cursor whenever the window scrolls
blist0.1Display bookmarks in an ibuffer way
bluetooth0.3.1A Major mode for Bluetooth devices
bnf-mode0.4.5Major mode for editing BNF grammars.
boxy1.1.1A boxy layout framework
boxy-headings2.1.3View org files in a boxy diagram
brief5.87Brief Editor Emulator (Brief Mode)
buffer-env0.4Buffer-local process environments
buffer-expose0.4.3Visual buffer switching using a window grid
bug-hunter1.3.1Hunt down errors by bisecting elisp files
cape0.8Completion At Point Extensions
capf-autosuggest0.3History autosuggestions for comint and eshell
caps-lock1.0Caps-lock as a minor mode
captain1.0.3CAPiTalization is Automatic IN emacs
chess2.0.5Play chess in GNU Emacs
cl-generic0.3Forward cl-generic compatibility for Emacs<25
cl-lib0.7Forward cl-lib compatibility library for Emacs<24.3
cl-print1.0CL-style generic printing
clipboard-collector0.3Collect clipboard entries according to regex rules
cobol-mode1.0.0Mode for editing COBOL code
code-cells0.2Lightweight notebooks with support for ipynb files
coffee-mode0.4.1.1Major mode for CoffeeScript files
comint-mime0.1Display content of various MIME types in comint buffers
compact-docstrings0.2Shrink blank lines in docstrings and doc comments
company0.9.13Modular text completion framework
company-ebdb1.1company-mode completion backend for EBDB in message-mode
company-math1.4Completion backends for unicode math symbols and latex tags
company-statistics0.2.3Sort candidates using completion history
compat28.1.2.0Emacs Lisp Compatibility Library
consult0.18Consulting completing-read
consult-recoll0.6.2Recoll queries using consult
context-coloring8.1.0Highlight by scope
corfu0.26Completion Overlay Region FUnction
coterm1.5Terminal emulation for comint
counsel0.13.4Various completion functions using Ivy
cpio-mode0.17Handle cpio archives in the style of dired.
cpupower1.0.5cpupower command interface
crdt0.3.2Collaborative editing using Conflict-free Replicated Data Types
crisp1.3.6CRiSP/Brief Emacs emulator
csharp-mode1.1.1C# mode derived mode
csv-mode1.21Major mode for editing comma/char separated values
cursory0.2.1Manage cursor styles using presets
cycle-quotes0.1Cycle between quote styles
darkroom0.3Remove visual distractions and focus on writing
dash2.19.1A modern list library for Emacs
dbus-codegen0.1Lisp code generation for D-Bus.
debbugs0.33SOAP library to access debbugs servers
delight1.7A dimmer switch for your lighter text
denote0.5.1Simple notes with an efficient file-naming scheme
detached0.7A package to launch, and manage, detached processes
devdocs0.5Emacs viewer for DevDocs
dict-tree0.16Dictionary data structure
diff-hl1.8.8Highlight uncommitted changes using VC
diffview1.0View diffs in side-by-side format
diminish0.46Diminished modes are minor modes with no modeline display
dired-du0.5.2Dired with recursive directory sizes
dired-git-info0.3.1Show git info in dired
disk-usage1.3.3Sort and browse disk usage listings
dismal1.5.2Dis Mode Ain't Lotus: Spreadsheet program Emacs
djvu1.1.2Edit and view Djvu files via djvused
docbook0.1Info-like viewer for DocBook
dtache0.7A package to launch, and manage, dtache processes
dts-mode1.0Major mode for Device Tree source files
easy-escape0.2.1Improve readability of escape characters in regular expressions
easy-kill0.9.5kill & mark things easily
ebdb0.8.14Contact management package
ebdb-gnorb1.0.2Utilities for connecting EBDB to Gnorb
ebdb-i18n-chn1.3.2China-specific internationalization support for EBDB
ediprolog2.1Emacs Does Interactive Prolog
eev20220814Support for e-scripts (eepitch blocks, elisp hyperlinks, etc)
ef-themes0.2.1Colorful and legible themes
eglot1.8Client for Language Server Protocol (LSP) servers
el-search1.12.6.1Expression based interactive search for Emacs Lisp
eldoc1.13.0Show function arglist or variable docstring in echo area
eldoc-eval0.2Enable eldoc support when minibuffer is in use.
electric-spacing5.0Insert operators with surrounding spaces smartly
elisp-benchmarks1.14elisp benchmarks collection
embark0.17Conveniently act on minibuffer completions
embark-consult0.6Consult integration for Embark
emms11The Emacs Multimedia System
engrave-faces0.3.1Convert font-lock faces to other formats
enwc2.0The Emacs Network Client
epoch-view0.0.1Minor mode to visualize epoch timestamps
erc5.4.1An Emacs Internet Relay Chat client
ergoemacs-mode5.16.10.12Emacs mode based on common modern interface and ergonomics.
excorporate1.0.0Exchange Web Services (EWS) integration
expand-region0.11.0Increase selected region by semantic units.
exwm0.26Emacs X Window Manager
f90-interface-browser1.1Parse and browse f90 interfaces
filladapt2.12.2Adaptive fill
flylisp0.2Color unbalanced parentheses and parentheses inconsistent with indentation
flymake1.2.2A universal on-the-fly syntax checker
flymake-proselint0.2.3Flymake backend for proselint
fontaine0.3.0Set font configurations using presets
frame-tabs1.1show buffer tabs in side window
frog-menu0.2.11Quickly pick items from ad hoc menus
fsm0.2.1state machine library
ftable1.0Fill a table to fit in n columns
gcmh0.2.1the Garbage Collector Magic Hack
ggtags0.9.0emacs frontend to GNU Global source code tagging system
gited0.6.0Operate on Git branches like dired
gle-mode1.1Major mode to edit Graphics Layout Engine files
gnome-c-style0.1minor mode for editing GNOME-style C source code
gnorb1.6.10Glue code between Gnus, Org, and BBDB
gnu-elpa1.1Advertize GNU ELPA packages
gnu-elpa-keyring-update2019.3Update Emacs's GPG keyring for GNU ELPA
gnugo3.1.2play GNU Go in a buffer
gnus-mock0.5Mock Gnus installation for testing
gpastel0.5.0Integrates GPaste with the kill-ring
greader0.1gnamù reader, a reader with espeak tts
greenbar1.1Mark comint output with "greenbar" background
gtags-mode1.0GNU Global integration with xref, project and imenu.
guess-language0.0.1Robust automatic language detection
heap0.5Heap (a.k.a. priority queue) data structure
hiddenquote1.1Major mode for doing hidden quote puzzles
highlight-escape-sequences0.4Highlight escape sequences
hook-helpers1.1.1Anonymous, modifiable hook functions
html5-schema0.1Add HTML5 schemas for use by nXML
hydra0.14.0Make bindings that stick around.
hyperbole8.0.0GNU Hyperbole: The Everyday Hypertextual Information Manager
ilist0.1Display a list in an ibuffer way.
inspector0.5Tool for inspection of Emacs Lisp objects.
ioccur2.6Incremental occur
isearch-mb0.5Control isearch from the minibuffer
iterators0.1.1Functions for working with iterators
ivy0.13.4Incremental Vertical completYon
ivy-avy0.13.4Avy integration for Ivy
ivy-explorer0.3.2Dynamic file browsing grid using ivy
ivy-hydra0.13.5Additional key bindings for Ivy
ivy-posframe0.6.3Using posframe to show Ivy
javaimp0.9.1Add and reorder Java import statements in Maven/Gradle projects
jgraph-mode1.1Major mode for Jgraph files
js2-mode20220710Improved JavaScript editing mode
json-mode0.2Major mode for editing JSON files
jsonrpc1.0.15JSON-RPC library
jumpc3.0jump to previous insertion points
kind-icon0.1.6Completion kind icons
kiwix1.1.5Searching offline Wikipedia through Kiwix.
kmb0.1Kill buffers matching a regexp w/o confirmation
landmark1.0Neural-network robot that learns landmarks
leaf4.5.5Simplify your init.el configuration, extended use-package
let-alist1.0.6Easily let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names
lex1.1Lexical analyser construction
lin0.4.0Make `hl-line-mode' more suitable for selection UIs
lmc1.4Little Man Computer in Elisp
load-dir0.0.5Load all Emacs Lisp files in a given directory
load-relative1.3.1Relative file load (within a multi-file Emacs package)
loc-changes1.2keep track of positions even after buffer changes
loccur1.2.4Perform an occur-like folding in current buffer
logos0.4.0Simple focus mode and extras
map3.2.1Map manipulation functions
marginalia0.13Enrich existing commands with completion annotations
markchars0.2.2Mark chars fitting certain characteristics
math-symbol-lists1.2.1Lists of Unicode math symbols and latex commands
mct0.5.0Minibuffer and Completions in Tandem
memory-usage0.2Analyze the memory usage of Emacs in various ways
metar0.3Retrieve and decode METAR weather information
midi-kbd0.2Create keyboard events from Midi input
mines1.6Minesweeper game
minibuffer-header0.5Minibuffer header line
minibuffer-line0.1Display status info in the minibuffer window
minimap1.4Sidebar showing a "mini-map" of a buffer
mmm-mode0.5.8Allow Multiple Major Modes in a buffer
modus-operandi-theme0.13.2Accessible light theme (WCAG AAA) [DEPRECATED]
modus-themes2.6.0Elegant, highly legible and customizable themes
modus-vivendi-theme0.13.2Accessible dark theme (WCAG AAA) [DEPRECATED]
multi-mode1.14support for multiple major modes
multishell1.1.10Organize use of multiple shell buffers, local and remote
muse3.20.2Authoring and publishing tool for Emacs
myers0.1Random-access singly-linked lists
nadvice0.3Forward compatibility for Emacs-24.4's nadvice
nameless1.0.2Hide package namespace in your emacs-lisp code
names20151201.0Namespaces for emacs-lisp. Avoid name clobbering without hiding symbols.
nano-agenda0.2.1N Λ N O agenda
nano-modeline0.7.1N Λ N O modeline
nano-theme0.3.1N Λ N O theme
nftables-mode1.1Major mode for editing nftables
nhexl-mode1.5Minor mode to edit files via hex-dump format
nlinum1.9Show line numbers in the margin
notes-mode1.30Indexing system for on-line note-taking
ntlm2.1.0NTLM (NT LanManager) authentication support
num3-mode1.4highlight groups of digits in long numbers
oauth20.16OAuth 2.0 Authorization Protocol
ob-haxe1.0org-babel functions for haxe evaluation
objed0.8.3Navigate and edit text objects.
omn-mode1.2Support for OWL Manchester Notation
on-screen1.3.3guide your eyes while scrolling
orderless0.7Completion style for matching regexps in any order
org9.5.4Outline-based notes management and organizer
org-edna1.1.2Extensible Dependencies 'N' Actions
org-modern0.4Modern looks for Org
org-notify0.1.0Notifications for Org-mode
org-real1.0.5Keep track of real things as org-mode links
org-remark1.0.5Highlight & annotate any text files
org-transclusion1.3.0Transclude text content via links
org-translate0.1.4Org-based translation environment
orgalist1.13Manage Org-like lists in non-Org buffers
osc0.4Open Sound Control protocol library
osm0.8OpenStreetMap viewer
other-frame-window1.0.6Minor mode to enable global prefix keys for other frame/window buffer placement
pabbrev4.2.2Predictive abbreviation expansion
paced1.1.3Predictive Abbreviation Completion and Expansion using Dictionaries
parsec0.1.3Parser combinator library
parser-generator0.1.6Parser Generator library
path-iterator1.0An iterator for traversing a directory path.
peg1.0Parsing Expression Grammars in Emacs Lisp
perl-doc0.2Read Perl documentation
persist0.4Persist Variables between Emacs Sessions
phps-mode0.4.25Major mode for PHP with code intelligence
pinentry0.1GnuPG Pinentry server implementation
plz0.2HTTP library
poker0.2Texas hold 'em poker
posframe1.1.7Pop a posframe (just a frame) at point
project0.8.1Operations on the current project
psgml1.3.4SGML-editing mode with parsing support
pspp-mode1.1Major mode for editing PSPP files
pulsar0.5.0Pulse highlight on demand or after select functions
pyim5.2.3A Chinese input method support quanpin, shuangpin, wubi, cangjie and rime.
pyim-basedict0.5.4The default pinyin dict of pyim
python0.28Python's flying circus support for Emacs
quarter-plane0.1Minor mode for quarter-plane style editing
queue0.2Queue data structure
rainbow-mode1.0.6Colorize color names in buffers
rbit0.1Red-black persistent interval trees
rcirc-color0.4.2color nicks
rcirc-menu1.1A menu of all your rcirc connections
realgud1.5.1A modular front-end for interacting with external debuggers
realgud-ipdb1.0.0Realgud front-end to ipdb
realgud-jdb1.0.0Realgud front-end to Java's jdb debugger"
realgud-lldb1.0.2Realgud front-end to lldb
realgud-node-debug1.0.0Realgud front-end to older "node debug"
realgud-node-inspect1.0.0Realgud front-end to newer "node inspect"
realgud-trepan-ni1.0.1Realgud front-end to trepan-ni
rec-mode1.9.0Major mode for viewing/editing rec files
register-list0.1Interactively list/edit registers
relint1.20Elisp regexp mistake finder
repology1.2.3Repology API access via Elisp
rich-minority1.0.3Clean-up and Beautify the list of minor-modes.
rnc-mode0.3Emacs mode to edit Relax-NG Compact files
rt-liberation5Emacs interface to RT
rudel0.3.2A collaborative editing framework for Emacs
satchel0.2A bag for your files, separated by git branches
scanner0.2Scan documents and images
scroll-restore1.0restore original position after scrolling
sed-mode1.0Major mode to edit sed scripts
seq2.23Sequence manipulation functions
setup1.3.0Helpful Configuration Macro
shelisp1.0.0execute elisp in shell
shell-command+2.3.2An extended shell-command
shen-mode0.1A major mode for editing shen source code
sisu-mode7.1.8Major mode for SiSU markup text
sketch-mode1.0.4Quickly create svg sketches using keyboard and mouse
slime-volleyball1.2.0An SVG Slime Volleyball Game
sm-c-mode1.1C major mode based on SMIE
smalltalk-mode4.0Major mode for the GNU Smalltalk programming language
smart-yank0.1.1A different approach of yank pointer handling
sml-mode6.10Major mode for editing (Standard) ML
so-long1.1.2Say farewell to performance problems with minified code.
soap-client3.2.1Access SOAP web services
sokoban1.4.8Implementation of Sokoban for Emacs.
sotlisp1.6.2Write lisp at the speed of thought.
spinner1.7.4Add spinners and progress-bars to the mode-line for ongoing operations
sql-beeline0.2Beeline support for sql.el
sql-cassandra0.2.2Cassandra support for sql.el
sql-indent1.6Support for indenting code in SQL files.
ssh-deploy3.1.13Deployment via Tramp, global or per directory.
stream2.2.5Implementation of streams
svg1.1SVG image creation functions
svg-clock1.2Analog clock using Scalable Vector Graphics
svg-lib0.2.5SVG tags, progress bars & icons
svg-tag-mode0.3.2Replace keywords with SVG tags
swiper0.13.4Isearch with an overview. Oh, man!
system-packages1.0.11functions to manage system packages
tNFA0.1.1Tagged non-deterministic finite-state automata
taxy0.10Programmable taxonomical grouping for arbitrary objects
taxy-magit-section0.10View Taxy structs in a Magit Section buffer
temp-buffer-browse1.5temp buffer browse mode
tempel0.4Tempo templates/snippets with in-buffer field editing
test-simple1.3.0Simple Unit Test Framework for Emacs Lisp
timerfunctions1.4.2Enhanced versions of some timer.el functions
tiny0.2.1Quickly generate linear ranges in Emacs
tmr0.4.0Set timers using a convenient notation
tomelr0.4.3Convert S-expressions to TOML
tramp2.5.3.1Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol
tramp-nspawn1.0Tramp integration for systemd-nspawn containers
tramp-theme0.2Custom theme for remote buffers
transcribe1.5.2Package for audio transcriptions
transient0.3.7Transient commands
transient-cycles1.0Define command variants with transient cycling
trie0.5Trie data structure
undo-tree0.8.2Treat undo history as a tree
uni-confusables0.3Unicode confusables table
uniquify-files1.0.4Completion style for files, minimizing directories
url-http-ntlm2.0.4NTLM authentication for the url library
validate1.0.4Schema validation for Emacs-lisp
valign3.1.1Visually align tables
vc-backup1.1.0VC backend for versioned backups
vc-got1.2VC backend for Game of Trees VCS
vc-hgcmd1.14.1VC mercurial backend that uses hg command server
vcard0.2.2Package for handling vCard files
vcl-mode1.1Major mode for Varnish Configuration Language
vdiff0.2.4A diff tool similar to vimdiff
verilog-mode2021.10.14.127365406major mode for editing verilog source in Emacs
vertico0.25VERTical Interactive COmpletion
vertico-posframe0.5.4Using posframe to show Vertico
vigenere1.0Run a vigenere cipher on a block of text ;
visual-filename-abbrev1.2Visually abbreviate filenames
visual-fill0.1Auto-refill paragraphs without modifying the buffer
vlf1.7.2View Large Files
vundo2.0.0Visual undo tree
wcheck-mode2021General interface for text checkers
wconf0.2.1Minimal window layout manager
web-server0.1.2Emacs Web Server
webfeeder1.1.2Build RSS and Atom webfeeds from HTML files
websocket1.13.1Emacs WebSocket client and server
which-key3.6.0Display available keybindings in popup
windower0.0.1Helper functions for window manipulation.
windresize0.1Resize windows interactively
wisi3.1.8Utilities for implementing an indentation/navigation engine using a generalized LR parser
wisitoken-grammar-mode1.2.0Major mode for editing WisiToken grammar files
wpuzzle1.1find as many word in a given time
xclip1.11Copy&paste GUI clipboard from text terminal
xelb0.18X protocol Emacs Lisp Binding
xpm1.0.5edit XPM images
xr1.23Convert string regexp to rx notation
xref1.5.0Cross-referencing commands
yasnippet0.14.0Yet another snippet extension for Emacs
yasnippet-classic-snippets1.0.2"Classic" yasnippet snippets
zones2019.7.13Zones of text - like multiple regions
ztree1.0.6Text mode directory tree

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